Semi-finished products(Sheets)

By using our special carbon material and our original dispersion technology, we can stably control in the static electricity diffusion range of surface resistance 105 -1011Ω, which was difficult to control in the past.
Moreover there is alomost no difference in the resistance between the surface and the inside of the sheet.

Grade EKH-SS07 EKH-SS09 EKH-SS11
Base polymers PEEK
Surface resistance 106-8ohms 108-10ohms 1010-12ohms
Application examples Hard Disk Drive Wafer Handling Burn-in & Test Sockets
Grade EIH-SS11 CDH-SS08
Base polymers PEI PPS
Surface resistance 1010-12ohms
Application examples Burn-in & Test Sockets Hard Disk Drive, Wafer Handling


The application examples described are for reference only,the use is not guaranteed.

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Espechially please confirm the suitability and safety for food use, medical use, safety equipment, toys, etc.

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