ESD Control Materials

① Static electricity control

  • Strictly controlled surface resistance by ±101Ω in the range of 105-1011Ω
  • Less variability of surface resistance

② Cleanness

  • Low outgassing
  • Low metal pollution
  • Low particles
Surface resistance control technology
Surface resistance contorl technology in depth

It is difficult to control the surface resistance of molding parts in depth when using carbon fiber filled compound. However, it is easy to control it when using Krefine.

High lebel of uniformity

Kurefine® sheets show very stable surface resistance. When measuring the surface resistance of conventional ESD controlled sheet at the specified 9 points , it's resistance fluctuate greatly , whereas Kurefine® stays within a very narrow range of surface resistance.(In the case of using 2-pin probe surface resistance measuring instrument (diameter 6mm))

ESD Control Materials